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Solar Water Heaters

Reduce your costs and waste less energy by using natural solar energy to heat your water.


Solar energy is clean, renewable (unlike gas, oil and coal) and sustainable. All of these qualities help to protect our environment. Solar energy does not pollute our air by releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere, like many traditional forms of electrical generations do. It does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. On the contrary, it actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green-house gas emissions. It is generated only where it is needed.

Installing a solar water heater could be the solution you need to see a smaller figure on your electricity bill. An electric water-heater uses electrical energy to re-heat water in your water-heater once its temperature has cooled. This means that your electric water-heater is constantly using up electrical energy to re-heat water, even when you are out at work and do not need hot water at home!

Solar water heaters are powered by solar energy. After the initial investment to purchase the heating equipment has been recovered, your hot water will come at NO COST, since the energy from the sun is FREE.

Your savings will be immediate, and for many years to come, because solar energy does not require fuel and is not effected by supply-and-demand of fuel, which is constantly subjected to ever-increasing prices. Financial incentives are currently also available from the government, which means that you will be to get your system at an even lower cost.

Alberta supplies solar water heating systems. Our solar water heaters are glass flat panel and vacuum tube models, with unbeatable stainless steel quality, and efficiency and come with a 5 year warranty. Models are available for either 120 litres or 220 litres.

Let us help you reduce your costs.
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