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Safety Tips

The following tips should give you some helpful advice on how to make your premises safer.

Some of these suggestions cost nothing and are quick and easy to implement.



  • Close and lock your doors and windows before leaving the premises or at the end of the day.
  • Do not leave valuables in sight or where they can be seen through windows.
  • Do not leave keys in their locks
  • Ensure that all ground and basement windows are fitted with locks.
  • Light up inside. This gives burglars the impression that the place is being used.
  • Invest in an Alberta security system, for a very effective deterrent.

Outside and around:

  • Never leave keys under doormats of pot plants.
  • Ensure the garage door is secure
  • Keep gates into surrounding area of the premises locked.
  • Use external lighting.


If you go away:

  • Use timers to turn lights, televisions and sound systems on and off.
  • Never leave an answering machine message saying you are not there.
  • Do not let mail, newspapers or flyers accumulate.
  • Leave window blinds or curtains slightly parted so that the place does not look like there's no one there.



  • Do not let strangers into your premises.
  • Installing intercom systems with a camera or a spy hole will allow you to identify visitors before letting them in. In addition, ask for identification from all service representatives, especially if you are not expecting them. You can verify their identify by calling their company.


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