Alberta launches the new Hikvision 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom system

Monday,2nd December  2019.

Connected Security – Real Peace of Mind.

Alberta launches the new Hikvision 2nd Generation IP video intercom systems.  Combined with a sleek and functional design, the system is focused on user experience and the latest technologies, highest quality, easy operation and flexible combination.  It will give users a safe living environment with three specific goals in mind: security, comfort and design.

Mobile integration

Amongst other features, the system gives users the ability to answer the doorbell from their mobile phone using Hik-Connect mobile app.  This can be combined with integration to other systems such as 24 x 7 monitoring of the premises through high-end CCTV cameras using HIk-Connect mobile app.



Features and highlights

  1. Excellent HD image quality
  2. Recording missed calls and view images of IP cameras
  3. High audio quality, even on the noisiest streets
  4. Modular flexibility to choose from
  5. Simplified configuration and easy installation
  6. Mobile app integration
  7. Surface mounting
  8. Pro Series touch screen 7 inch monitor
  9. Facility to connect with WiFi or wired connection
  10. TCP/IP, SIP and RTSP network protocol
  11. Remote opening of door and/or gate with monitor or app
  12. Resident-to-resident calling
  13. Power and signal over 1 network cable with standard 802.3af PoE





Sales for the Hikvision 2nd Generation IP video intercom systems is expected to kick-off as of today, Monday 2nd December, perfect timing for our security-conscious clients or for a perfect gift.

Alberta is the official Hikvision distributor, the world’s leader in innovative safety solutions such as CCTV monitoring and door entry equipment.

At Alberta we pride ourselves to provide only the highest standard in terms of quality of products and services.  Our team undergoes regular intensive training in line with the latest technologies.  With over 36 years of experience, Alberta has been awarded internationally renowned certifications.  Our Aftersales and Preventive maintenance services will ensure that your system will continue to work perfectly through regular servicing and upkeep.  We are also on standby 24 x 7 for emergencies.

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