A Morning with the Fire & Security Medium and Domestic Department

One morning, our marketing executive decided to shift her working station to the Medium and Domestic Department to discover more about the heart of their operations. The air conditioners in her office were faulty-just the perfect timing to move to a fresher office!

So here is our story…

Our first point of contact was Carl – young, energetic chap with excellent coordination skills. Carl’s role is essential because it bridges the gap between fostering a relationship by meeting customers’ expectations and making use of Alberta’s workforce and subcontractors resourcefully.

The moment you enter our offices, you instantaneously get a feel that our premises is made up of a dynamic, fast-paced environment — one that can change from relatively busy to extremely hectic. Indeed, it’s not the first time our team had to think on their feet, because in an instant, we might need to deal with an issue brought up by a client urging us to complete an entrusted task within the hour.

A sales force to be reckoned with

If you happen to visit our showroom you will probably meet Kylie, our new addition to the sales department who resides in Alberta’s front office with our receptionist Marika-two talented, good-looking, young women on a mission to keep you safe.

The rest of the sales force taking care in this department are Matthew Borg, Manolo Farrugia and Reuben Germani, the joker of the classroom.

At the heart of the department Chantelle Shead processes orders that come in amongst other administrative tasks. Additionally, she also takes care of the Company’s extensive list of vehicles. We bet you’ve seen them roaming around Malta and Gozo several times!

Here are a few thoughts shared by our team

A Proud moment

Every commissioned project in which the client is happy because we got it right the first time within the stipulated deadline.

A word from the team leader

Here at Alberta we believe that a manager’s performance is only as good as the team of employees and their performance. A good workforce is made up of individuals who welcome responsibilities assigned to them and give their input. We’re proud to have team members who are very self-motivated and work on their own initiative.

Moreover, they’re independent thinkers and good decision-makers who are able to share ownership of tasks, whilst understanding the importance of meeting deadlines. To me the team is my extended family!