An Update from Alberta on COVID-19 (coronavirus) – Providing Peace of Mind, In Good Times and Bad


Like many of you, our teams at Alberta have been working in unprecedented circumstances to both help protect the safety of our employees and customers and to provide our customers with the critical service they need to help stay protected during this challenging time.

We have achieved significant progress in implementing new safeguards, policies and practices to achieve our goals of team member safety and customer support. And, while we still have work to do, there’s a lot we can share to give our customers peace of mind that Alberta is dedicated to keeping our customers protected. For us, that starts with helping our employees be safe.

Promoting Supportive Work Environments For Our Team Members

Last week, Alberta instituted a number of policies and practices to support our team members who are facing very challenging times.

Here are the steps we’re taking:

We have implemented a temporary, company-wide remote working mandate for positions that can begin remote work immediately and implemented flexibility in our attendance policy

We are working to acquire additional cleaning, sanitation and protective tools for Head Office and employees to help reduce the risk of disease transmission among Alberta employees and the public.

Protecting Our Customers

Our commitment to helping keep our customers and communities safe means we sometimes need to interact with you in-person in order to repair and install home security and life safety systems. Alberta is also the security, fire protection and life safety provider for essential businesses and facilities in your communities, like hospitals, distribution centers, banks, factories and grocery stores.  In order to continue providing safety and peace of mind to our customers, we are taking these measures:

Our call center is phone screening all residential customers to determine if they can provide a safe work environment before setting in-home appointments to increase the assurance of a safer work environment for our team members and for the protection of all customers.

We are working to acquire and equip our customer-facing employees with additional cleaning, sanitation and protective tools to help protect them and our customers.

Any customer who feels uncomfortable receiving Alberta personnel in their homes may reschedule their appointments.

Continuing To Provide Protection When It Matters Most

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way many businesses operate. We’ve taken swift and proactive steps to ensure that we can continue to provide a service to our customers.

Alberta is well stocked with critical spare parts to be able to provide backup services for critical function and continue servicing our customers.


Providing Peace of Mind, In Good Times and Bad

Our team members are standing ready to fulfill our mission to protect and connect people with the things they love most. We will continue to help secure and serve our customers, in this time of critical need. Thank you for trusting Alberta to help keep you protected.