Growing Through Knowledge

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With the fast paced evolution in the software and hardware technology, companies are required to keep abreast with the vast progress through providing its employees with the necessary technical training to improve their performance, and through adopting new practices to develop more competitive businesses.

By all means this same principle is adopted by Alberta since continuous Technical Training is crucial for us to improve the technical competence of our employees.

As a matter of fact, Alberta’s technical training is tailored to the set of skills required by the company always aiming to remain our clients’ first choice.

Whilst our technical training is conducted in-house and takes place in different forms such as on/off the job, webinars, shadowing, job rotation.  Training sessions are delivered either by our exclusive systems’ suppliers available on the Alberta portfolio or by one of our employees; also known as Internal Trainers who have been awarded with the Train the Trainer certificate.

Alberta gives weight and extreme importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of training vis-a-vis its employees. For this reason, assessments are carried out at the end of every training programme to measure the knowledge gained and learning outcomes obtained during training hours.

All employees who attend training are expected to achieve the minimum benchmark of 85% or higher to qualify for a formal recognition of participation by the Company. Meanwhile, all successful assessments are awarded with an in-house certificate whilst failed assessments are entitled for a re-sit.

Definitely, technically trained employees can assist the management and propose new ways to develop their companies’ operations at a lesser cost or provide new and more competitive services, however, to maintain and attract competent employees; Management Training is crucial too.

Alberta invests in quality management training in order for us to be successful. Senior/Middle and Junior management also require guidance and knowledge to effectively direct their respective teams and improve their working environment.

The aim of such training programmes, help them become more assertive and develop their analytical, communication and time management skills amongst others, which skills are important for Alberta’s continuous success.