Intercoms & Video Door Monitors – A Basic Security Need

Door entry monitors and access control systems; are they really necessary or an unnecessary expense?
Here are five facts worth looking at whilst taking a decision.

Maximum quality image…

Thanks to the comprehensive digitalisation of data in video intercoms door entry systems, residents are allowed to enjoy maximum quality in two fundamental facets: audio and video. Annoying interferences and poor image quality are now things of the past.

Without a doubt, video technology has improved significantly. Door entry systems with video monitors come along with a superior quality and an enhanced image. These can also provide a greater visual field thanks to the wide-angle camera which provides clear images in low brightness situations.

Security as an essential need

Security is unquestionably the most important feature of a video door entry system because having a monitor at home gives you total control of your surroundings.

Security – Avoid opening the door to intruders accidentally

To give an example, at times, we might inadvertently be opening the door to intruders or burglars disguised as a salesperson or a postman to gain our confidence and trust. This is even riskier in a block of apartments, as they might be allowed in by your own neighbours.

A proactive or reactive approach?

Most of the time, victims take a reactive approach after an incident or hindrance has compromised the security of a neighbourhood or household. Even though it is hard to believe that you can be the victim of an unfortunate incident before it actually happens, when one considers the money invested in such a system, it is definitely not worth the risk. Don’t leave it too late.

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