Never Forget these Important Fire and Safety Tips!

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Understanding the importance of Security and Protection is crucial, and while summer is one of the most important seasons we need to be vigilant. That said, we hear at Alberta believe this should be a precaution taken throughout every season of the year. The same rule of thumb applies to Fire and Safety. That’s why we compiled a list of useful tips to keep in mind…

Damaged wires & plugs

Sometimes our pets decide to snack on our wiring. It’s good practice to check on seldom-used wiring to make sure it hasn’t been chewed through. Sometimes the wiring is in use but not visible, so it’s always smart to check wires for bites and other damage. Another fire hazard that’s rarely considered, are the little balls of fluff which tend to ‘hide’ behind our furniture. A damaged plug closed by or excessive heat in the area can also start off a fire.


As many homeowners use poisons for pests during the summer and host barbecues, flammable liquids such as propane, lighter fluid, and poisons can become a fire hazard if they aren’t properly stored. These liquids get used more often during the summer, and it’s important to make sure they’re kept securely stored to avoid fire risks. They should be stored outdoors, preferably in a building not attached to your home, and never in a hot car! It’s always safe to keep a fire extinguisher close by!

Electric appliances

Electric appliances inside your home are generally safe however it’s highly recommended that these are regularly checked and serviced to avoid unnecessary risks.

If you’re looking for fire & life safety services for your residential or commercial premises, we’re always ready to help, so contact us today.