Your safety and security is our top priority. We are on standby for emergencies 24/7. An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or the environment. Such situations are usually unexpected and require immediate action. However, not everything constitutes as an emergency. The following scenarios are what Alberta regards as an emergency.

What constitutes as an emergency?

Premium fees will apply to clients who do not have a maintenance agreement contract.

Our Emergency Hours:  From 16:30 to 08.00

The following rates apply.  Rates are inclusive of VAT (minimum 1 hour charge)

Monday to Friday 16.30 – 8:00  € 82.60 p/h
Saturday 12:00 – 00:00 € 82.60 p/h
Saturday 8:00 – 12:00 € 64.90 p/h
Sundays & Public Holidays € 106.20 p/h

Burglar Alarm *

External Sounder continuously sounding from trigger after 30 min has passed and could not be switched OFF from the keypad.

Could not be activated to enable the system.

A continuous beeping sound inside the panel or keypad could not be reset.

Fire Fighting/ Fire detection Systems

Fire Fighting System: A big leak from the system or pumps could not be switched OFF even though there is no use of water.

Fire Detection Systems: Outdoor and internal siren continuously sounding even though there is no fire. Client tries to silence the alarm from panel without success

Fire detection Panel with critical Fault/Alarm that stops certain areas from being protected.

Fire Detection Panel: There is no indication of light or display if the supply power is ON.

Access Control

All Access Control doors are locked and can’t be accessed such as in a Hotel or Office System.

Critical door could not be released nor controlled.

Access control / hotel locking system / hotel safes: Client cannot open a door with access control even though there is no power failure.

Mechanical and Electronic Safes cannot be opened.


When more that half the number of cameras installed internally are not working

When any or all external cameras are not working.

When DVR/NVR has stopped recording

Barrier/ gate / Bollards / Counter Terrorism Barriers

Barrier/ gate / Bollards / Counter Terrorism Barriers not working in car parks and commercial outlets. This is considered as an emergency only if manual override cannot be applied.

Security/entrance gate is neither opening nor closing. This is an emergency only if the gate cannot be released manually.

Our technicians carry an extensive range of spare parts and will attempt to reinstate your alarm system to full working order. Where this is not possible, your system will be safely shut down, and you may arrange a visit to repair the problem later.

*In most cases, especially for wireless alarms, batteries will usually last around two years depending on activations thus to ensure the optimum performance of your system, we highly recommend a regular maintenance schedule. For more information on our affordable maintenance packages please call on 21 443538.

* Changing your phone/internet service provider if your Alberta system utilizes a land line, changes to your telephone service could impact the system. If you have a telephone technician visiting your home, be sure to test the system before he leaves to ensure it is working properly.

*Safety Warning: We strongly advise that you do not carry system works or repairs yourself. Burglar alarm control panels may operate using lethal mains voltages. External ringers and sirens with flashing strobes may use a high voltage even when they appear to be inactive, and when they are not ringing or flashing.