Central Monitoring System

With a round-the-clock monitoring system, highly trained professionals are always on stand-by, keeping an attentive eye over your home, family and business.

A professionally installed security system goes a long way to offer protection, but what if the warning signal is not being heard? You could be in an unreachable location, away on vacation, or simply unable to get there on time.  With a monitoring centre that is manned, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you are provided with continuous safety and security by keeping track of your system and handling emergencies with the highest technologically advanced equipment to ensure prompt and reliable service.

How it works

What happens when your security system is activated?

  • The system will trigger an audible and/or visual alert and a signal is sent from the device to the monitoring centre.
  • The monitoring software will indicate a warning signal on the operator’s screen indicating the system type and location, and the predetermined action required.
  • Within seconds from the activation, technical personnel will be assessing the situation.
  • After ensuring that it is not a false alarm, you and/or the key holder will be contacted and the appropriate emergency procedures will be carried out.

Monitoring services are available for:

  • Alarms (intruder, fire, smoke)
  • Hazard Detection
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Remote Site Security (CCTV)
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Elevator Emergency
  • Access Control