User Manuals/ Manwali tas-Sistemi

Your safety and security is our top priority.   This is why we have created a dedicated user manual.  Each manual contains a step by step guide for basic troubleshooting.  Here you can download a copy of our user instructions manuals for your home alarm system.   Please identify the name of the brand and download the manuals applicable to your requirements.

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Agility 3 Manual – English 2019 -001

Agility 3 Manual – Maltese 2019-001

Eurosec- English 2019-001

Eurosec- Maltese 2019-001

LightSys Manual – English 2019-001

LightSys Manual – Maltese 2019-001

Solution ULTIMA – English 2019-001

Solution ULTIMA – Maltese 2019-001


We are on standby for emergencies 24/7.   An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or the environment. Such situations are usually unexpected and require immediate action. However, not everything constitutes an emergency. To learn more about what constitutes an emergency click here.  You may also read the Maltese Version (bil– Malti).

We also provide maintenance agreements to assist you better and faster.  Please visit our maintenance agreements section for more information.