Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

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  • Includes a compact 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher for combating various fire types. User-friendly design and high-quality formulation for effective fire suppression
  • 1m x 1m fire blanket crafted from durable, flame-resistant material for immediate protection. Ideal for smothering small fires and preventing flame spread
  • Includes EZVIZ A3 Home Gateway: Your central hub for a connected and protected home, seamlessly integrating with EZVIZ sensors for easy setup, instant alerts, and control via the EZVIZ App, supporting up to 64 devices
  • EZVIZ T4C Wireless Smart Smoke Detector: Designed to elevate home safety, it swiftly detects smoke and sends mobile alerts.
  • The T10C Water Leak Sensor: Equipped with IP67 waterproof design and smart integration, it provides instant alerts to your phone upon detecting any water leaks
  • The fire exist sign boasts a 0.35mm thick photoluminescent vinyl adhered to a 0.8mm thick extruded aluminum base, combining durability with visibility. Its surface is antistatic, easy to clean, and protected by a transparent film for long-lasting quality

Ensure the safety of your loved ones and property with reliable and effective fire safety tools

Invest in peace of mind and make fire preparedness a priority

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