Do You Really Need A Fire Protection System? Adrian Cutajar, Commercial Manager, Explains.

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Is fire protection a real need in Malta?

Fire accidents happen unannounced, and when fire hits, besides the obvious material damage to shops, offices, warehouses, factories etc., there could be serious injuries or even deaths, which is undoubtedly the worst scenario any company owner can imagine.  Nothing can replace the loss of life and such an incident is likely to end up in court.

In Malta we have had several near misses when it comes to fire accidents. It also took some businesses years to recover, with huge amounts of money lost in the process. It may take months for a business to start running to pre-accident levels and losing clients due to fire accidents can be fatal. Does it make sense to spend thousands for the most attractive office furniture or practical warehouse storage, without protecting it in case of fire?

How much does a fire detection system cost?

The price depends on the size and the premises’ structural design. A fire alarm should be designed by professionals and according to European Fire Standards. A small fire alarm system for a small shop or restaurant will only cost a few hundred euros. In reality, a fire alarm only costs a tiny fraction of the value of the building and its contents, but the value and peace of mind it adds is invaluable.

Once detected, will the fire stop?

No, but it’s the first step in fighting it. When the fire alarm detects fire, people in the building are immediately alerted and can therefore take immediate action to evacuate. Moreover, if the fire is still controllable, trained personal can fight fire themselves using fire extinguishers or hose reels. If the fire is large to handle, the firemen will be called on site to extinguish fire professionally. Moreover there are various automatic fire fighting systems which can be installed in a building that have proved time and time again to be efficient in preventing fire from spreading and are very effective in putting the fire out instantly. Such systems vary from water sprinkler systems to foam systems and inert gas fire suppression systems.