Service your fire extinguisher – yearly

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Just like you service your car, you need to service your fire extinguisher too!

You might walk past the red canister everyday without giving it much thought but it’s time to stop and think carefully, because if you wait till you NEED to use it, things could get out of hand very quickly.


Fire extinguishers are essential because they’re often the best method of protection to prevent a fire from growing.

Here’s a quick checklist for your extinguisher at home.


  • Notice the date

The date at the back indicates the last date the extinguisher was inspected by a professional. It should be checked annually.


  • Yearly servicing

Once a year you should have the extinguisher serviced by a professional to look for:

– Signs of tampering or damage.

– Making sure the pressure is correct.

– Ensuring there is a proper volume of the extinguishing agent inside.

– Checking that there is enough of the free-flowing powder ins