Quality, Environmental and LPCB Certification

Our Quality and Environmental Policy


Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Product quality, reliability and customer service are the key pillars of Alberta Fire Security Equipment Ltd.  We are committed to an ongoing effort to continuously measure and improve on the Company processes and management systems to meet and exceed client’s satisfaction levels constantly and repeatedly.

In summer 2002, Alberta studied the actions it needed to achieve ISO standards and the Company committed to a programme scheduled to achieve certification. The assessment process was thorough, where BV auditors scrutinised the Quality & Environmental policy, procedures and work instructions and the Company’s commitment to quality to ascertain that everything is supported through documentary evidence.  On conclusion of the assessment, Alberta Fire & Security Equipment Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004, certification by BVQI, with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) as the accreditation body.  These have now been updated to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

To maintain its certifications, Alberta undergoes an annual assessment whereby our third party auditors verify the conformance of Company’s procedures in line with its Quality and Environmental Policy.

We are also committed to continually improve our operations in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We adopt our Environmental policy wherever we operate; be it in the office, on site or whilst travelling.

It is the company’s policy to:

  • Comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and environmental compliance obligations;
  • Ensure that the needs of the internal and external stakeholders are fulfilled, including well-being of employees, subcontractors, adequate resources allocation, and customer satisfaction.
  • Encourage concern and respect of the environment and train company’s employees to the right level of awareness to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system;
  • Communicate its QEMS Policy to all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors with the aim to cultivate an environmentally aware culture with company’s internal and external interested parties;
  • Maintain the emergency preparedness and response plans to respond efficiently and effectively to incidents;
  • Promote the principles to reduce, re-use and recycle across the organisation to target adequate control of waste and resources consumption throughout the lifecycle, and to protect the environment including reduction of impact to air, land and water pollution.

Alberta Fire and Security Equipment Ltd undertakes regular reviews of its performance to ensure compliance with this policy and achievement of set QEMS objectives and targets.





LPCB Certification Malta

We are the first company outside the UK & Ireland to receive the highest level of certification for fire detection, alarm and firefighting systems: the BRE Global Loss Prevention approval.

Certification by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), one of the leading international certification bodies, is a mark of quality and safety, and confirms that all equipment and systems meet the requirements of the relevant European standards.

BRE Global, incorporating the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), is recognized and trusted for its independence, and is acknowledged as being authoritative in the fields of fire and security protection. Backed by more than a century of experience, the organization has worked with industry and government to set the standards necessary to ensure that fire and security products and services work effectively. LPCB is accredited by the Government-linked authoritative body UKAS (UK Accreditation Service).

One of the main challenges of making buildings safe and secure is selecting and installing fire safety and security products that actually do what they claim. Even with the best equipment, fire detection and alarm systems are only effective if they are correctly designed, installed and maintained. Therefore, it is important that competent firms have a proven track record to design, install and service fire detection and alarm systems.

The LPCB approval process involves stringent assessment and testing in order to ensure that products and systems meet quality standards set by a team of experts, ranging from regulators to insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, engineers and scientists.

The approval demonstrates that Alberta’s Fire detection and alarm systems have been extensively tested for functionality and performance and have been designed, installed and commissioned in conformity with LPCB recognized standards.

“Alberta Fire & Security Equipment Limited is a very professional company. Their design, installation, commission and servicing of fire detection and alarm and gas extinguishing systems is carried out to a very high standard.” Eric Michaelis, Scheme Manager at BRE Global

“The LPCB stamp is the ultimate seal of approval. Alberta invests thousands of Euros in quality control and approvals and this accreditation underlines our dedication to providing clients with secure solutions. Being able to demonstrate compliance with industry standards through independent product performance testing is vital. Alberta’s new LPCB certification provides clarity and transparency so that customers can have confidence that our systems have been independently tested to provide solutions of the very highest standards” Liz Barbaro Sant, Director, Alberta Group.

All LPCB approved fire safety and security products are listed in the Red Books. Published annually and used across the world, the Red Books have become the de-facto directory of approved and trusted fire and security products and services. They are also available on line at www.redbooklive.com, where the lists are constantly updated with all the latest LPCB approval information.