Third Party Certification for systems protecting against fire

There isn’t a single solution to improve the delivery of fire safety in the construction process. However, one area that has international recognition for helping improve quality and compliance is that of independent Third Party Certification.

Architects, engineers, insurers and other stakeholders will likely look at a project with their different objectives and priorities in mind. However, a building’s fire protection and safety should always be a common priority for all.

Third Party Certification for systems protecting against fire gives peace of mind to all the responsible professionals consulting on the project, as well as, ultimately, to the client.

In the absence of regulation and stringent enforcement, Third Party Certification of fire systems on a voluntary basis is a useful differentiator for those who purchase and then depend on products or services to be fit for purpose.

This video explains the rigorous process that companies seeking or renewing Third Party Certification go through to meet the required standards.