What is Third Party Certification?


What is third-party certification?

 Third-Party Certification is, in essence, a very stringent consumer protection scheme.

Its goal is to reassure that our practices are in-line with the best safety measures so that you and your business’ safety is never compromised.

This means that an independent expert, (the third party), has assessed the business and found that it has met certain standards.

Alberta was the first LPCB and Q-Mark certified company in Europe outside UK and Ireland.


Why is it important to seek for third-party certification for your business?

Even with the best equipment, fire systems are only effective if they are correctly designed, installed, commissioned and maintained.  By selecting a certified company, you can be sure that installers are appropriately trained and have the necessary expertise to install or apply the fire protection product or system to deliver the project’s fire protection requirements.

Third-party certification is an assessment process that certifies us to protect you and your safety.

  • Alberta is Assessed on our technical capability to design, install, commission and service systems to approved design standards
  • Alberta’s designs are reviewed and inspected on a number of sites for compliance.
  • Alberta undergoes surveillance visits by Trained assessors from the UK are done every 6 months

Third-party Certification is voluntary thus contractors that choose the approval route are those who are genuinely committed to quality.

When the system of third-party accreditation offers such a substantial degree of reassurance, why neglect it when there are severe penalties for cutting corners? Don’t let fire protection be compromised by poor installation, design or application.