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Meet Gabriella – Training & Development Coordinator at Alberta

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How long have you been working at Alberta and what have you enjoyed most about working here?

I’ve been with Alberta for the past 14 months.

Besides the fact that I’m truly passionate about the job itself, I have been also enticed by the fact that Alberta embraces diversity and multiculturalism, allows team members to talk openly with one another, promotes the exchange of feedback and most of all believes in peoples’ development.

We are not numbers….we are the A-Team, we are there to Save Lives and together we ARE ONE!

Which is your favourite quote and why?

Live and Let Live!
Everyone should tolerate the opinions, choices and lifestyles of others; so that others will similarly tolerate our own.

What does your role involve and how is training and development handled within Alberta?

My role as a Training & Development Coordinator entails the provision of continuous support towards the company in achieving its strategy and targets by conducting thorough training needs analysis to identify any gaps whilst facilitating the planning, implementation and conduction of the training required ensuring high quality job performance across the board.

Alberta strives to harness the full potential of its employees and hence invests heavily in their training aiming to increase opportunities to further develop employees’ skills and abilities within their line of work and for career advancement within the Company. This will in turn empower our A-Team members to carry out their current duties with maximum efficiency whilst meeting both the Customer’s and the Company’s needs.

How are people assessed within the company?

An assessment of the employees’ skills and knowledge is initiated during the recruitment process and induction stage in order to identify compatibility between the job description and the employee’s profile. This will proactively highlight the employees training and development needs to enable them to conduct their jobs successfully.

All data collected is now starting to be recorded in the form of a Competence Matrix which will include both Technical and Soft Skills. The purpose of the Competence Matrix is for the Senior & Middle Management to gauge the departmental strengths and weaknesses; to assess where the department stands and where they want it to be

At a later stage, the concerned departments proceed with the professional development process with the use of an Employee’s Performance Appraisal. An assessment of the training and development needs of the department and its employees is carried out via the Performance Evaluation System. This will eventually lead to a Performance Development Plan.

Alberta gives weight and extreme importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of training vis-a-vis its employees. For this reason, assessments are carried out at the end of every training programme to measure the knowledge gained and learning outcomes obtained during training hours.

All employees who attend training are expected to achieve the minimum benchmark of 85% or higher to qualify for a formal recognition of participation by the Company. Meanwhile, all successful assessments are awarded with an in-house certificate whilst failed assessments are entitled for a re-sit.

We are Alberta!

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