Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas we can’t see, we can’t smell & we can’t taste.    It is also often referred to as a “silent killer”.   When inhaled, it displaces oxygen in the bloodstream, which starves the brain, heart and other organs of necessary oxygen.  At certain levels, it can quickly … Continued


Are your most valuable items safe from fires, floods or theft?  Investing in a safe will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that sensitive documents and items of value are safe and secure.  Recent technological advancements have made safes the ideal solution for practical, accessible and affordable security. The protection that a safe … Continued

Multipurpose Doors

Indisputable quality: Especially sturdy door for safe functioning over time Built to order for all kinds of requests Fully galvanized door, including the “hidden” parts Made of “Sendzimir” processed hot-galvanized sheet metal Corrosion protection also provided along cut edges of the metal sheets Painted with epoxy-polyester thermoset powders in a 180 degrees (Celsius) oven Substantial … Continued

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher will help to control a fire. Fire accidents can destroy your property and possessions as well as causing severe injury.  Fire accidents are commonly caused as a result of electrical problems, such as overloaded extension cords, damaged power cords, overheated appliances, defective products and open flames (ie. cigarettes, candles, etc.). Re-starting your … Continued

Fire Blankets

A fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen to burn.  A fire blanket is used to completely surround a burning object or to be placed over it. In doing so, the fire blanket works by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby extinguishing it. Fire accidents in the office are commonly caused by the … Continued


Alberta has become established as a leader in the maritime sector, providing design and consultancy, project management, operational diving and waterborne maintenance services.  These allow vessels to operate with maximum efficiency and with minimum disruption to schedules. Accreditation Alberta Marine promotes strict adherence to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and has attained approval from … Continued

Timber internal doors

Timber Internal Doors Wooden doors are often admired for their attractive qualities. They add warmth, character and value to a property. A good quality wooden door can be an excellent investment which lasts for several years.  Alberta provides timber doors in a full range of exterior and interior options and in a variety of wood … Continued

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems identify a developing fire at its early stages, giving people time to escape to a safe area and seek assistance in order to limit the damage caused. Alberta has a variety of fire protection systems to suit the requirements of your home, including both addressable and conventional fire systems.  Addressable … Continued

Security Doors

Alberta understands the need for purposeful yet stylish solutions to architectural openings, which means that you can put your mind at rest that the combination of security and design will suit your building style, function and décor. Basic Security doors The paneling: Alberta allows you to choose from various colours, wood types and trimmings.  There is … Continued

Timber/Metal Fire Rated Doors

Fire doors will compartmentalise your home into areas, protecting the rest of the premises from the room/s in which the fire has broken.  They are recommended for underground garages, basements and lift lobbies. Alberta supplies certified 30 minutes and 60 minutes fire-rated timber doors and 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes metal fire doors. … Continued

First Aid Kits

How safe is your home? More accidents happen at home than anywhere else. Some safety hazards, such as poorly lit stairways, are obvious.  However, it is important to be prepared in case an accident occurs, and first aid kits will help to deal with minor injuries or to keep a serious injury stable while you … Continued

Emergency Lights – Residential

Emergency lighting is not legally required for use in your home, but is a popular option that many home buyers and home renovators are making use of in order to make their home a safer place when there is a power cut.  Emergency lights provide low-level general lighting until the power is restored.  Emergency lights … Continued

Lightning Protection Systems – Residential

Protecting your family, property and electric devices from lightning and power surges is very important.  When lightning strikes a building, the structure and its contents may be ignited by the heat generated by the lightning current.  A lightning protection system is designed to offer protection from damage due to lightning strikes, by intercepting such strikes … Continued

Surge Protection Systems – Residential

A surge protection system is a small investment that will prevent the loss of money, time and inconvenience experienced when your electric power system burns out.  Surges or transient over voltages can be caused by lightning as well as by motors, lifts, air conditioners, transformers and welding equipment. A strong power surge could cause extensive … Continued

CCTV Systems for your home

Protect your home by investing in a Closed Circuit Television System, more commonly known as CCTV, which expands visual surveillance capabilities and permanently records activities. In the progressive era we live in, we can use some of the technological advances to help protect your home from losses and vandalism.  A surveillance camera monitors the area … Continued

Burglar Alarm Systems

Installing a quality burglar alarm has been proven to deter break-ins.  With a small investment, you could make your home much more secure. Alberta’s burglar alarm systems are designed to provide the earliest possible detection of an intrusion and can alert pre-determined telephone numbers within seconds of an alarm being raised.  The system also offers … Continued


Custom fire & security packages to suit your home or business needs

Solutions as unique as your home and business. We provide custom fire protection and fire security packages to suit your unique needs and budget. One investment. A lifetime of protection.

Our trusted Suppliers and Partners in Fire, Safety and Security

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