CCTV Systems

Protect your business by investing in a Closed Circuit Television System, more commonly known as CCTV, which expands visual surveillance capabilities and records activities. In the progressive era we live in, we can use some of the technological advances to help protect your business from losses and vandalism.  A surveillance camera monitors the area surrounding … Continued

Security Fog Systems

Smoke screen systems are designed to deter intruders and subsequent loss.  Thieves cannot steal what they can’t see! Smoke protection systems react in seconds and have been proven successful time and time again.  In the past, smoke systems used to be expensive, limiting their use to high value applications, however this has now changed. Alberta’s … Continued

Intruder Alarm Systems

Installing a quality intruder alarm has been proven to deter break-ins.  With a small investment, you could make your business much more secure.   Alberta’s alarm systems are designed to provide the earliest possible detection of an intrusion and can alert pre-determined telephone numbers within seconds of an alarm being raised. The system also offers … Continued


Are your most valuable items safe from fires, floods or theft?  Investing in a safe will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that sensitive documents and items of value are safe and secure.  Recent technological advancements have made safes the ideal solution for practical, accessible and affordable security. The protection that a safe … Continued

Physical Security Information Management

WinGuard is an open software platform that integrates different security, fire, building technology and the communication system of a property.  (PSIM) from Advancis is a platform that integrates several unconnected security systems, controlling them via a unified user interface. This enables the user to detect occurring events triggered by different systems and to resolve them … Continued

Body Worn Video Camera

  Body-worn cameras, also known as body-worn video (BWV) devices from Audax, are small, portable cameras that are worn by law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel as a means of recording their interactions with the public. These devices are designed to provide a record of events and can be used as evidence in … Continued

Smart Access Control

Access control is a fundamental aspect of security that is necessary across all industries and levels. It is utilized in various settings such as research facilities, data centers, secure areas, factories, apartments, offices, construction sites, hospitals, schools, and banks to physically protect property and information from unauthorized access. Alberta is an exclusive reseller of Suprema’s … Continued

Master Key System

Having an access control and master key system is a powerful and flexible way of ensuring a high level of security on your premises.  In its simplest form, a master key system allows each key holder to access pre-designated doors within a building.  A master key can be designed to open a set of locks … Continued

X-Ray Systems

X-ray systems are used in the screening of mail, baggage and freight for dangerous or contraband items, explosives and drugs. Equipped with leading edge functionalities to support security staff, X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye.  Radiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images of scanned objects … Continued

People Counting Systems

In today’s global community, things are constantly changing: people are on the move, technology is advancing, and human patterns differ from day to day.  From a commercial point of view, it is important to understand how peoples’ habits are changing and how such factors directly affect the daily operation of your business. A customer counting … Continued

Public Address Systems

As part of an integrated security and building management system, Alberta provides high quality Public Address and Public Address Voice Alarm systems to broadcast music, information, or page messages in public places. Our Public Address (PA) systems satisfy all the requirements for general purpose and emergency broadcasts in various environments, and are configured for simple … Continued

Security Patrol Systems

A security patrol system is an innovative solution that reduces the cost of guard supervision and replacing the need for a separate radio system, panic button, contact phone and passive tour system.  Operating in real time using GPRS/GSM data transmission, the security patrol system was originally designed for the security market, however its functionality makes … Continued

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance technology has revolutionised the way in which hundreds of companies gather and process employee attendance information.  The speed and accuracy of personnel monitoring has had a remarkable effect upon clerical efficiency. Time and attendance technology systems allow better management of employees’ working hours, by utilising finger-based recognition, eliminating the possibility of foul-play, … Continued

Parking Management Systems

Alberta provides technology-based solutions for parking management, including parking enforcement and permit management, as well as access and revenue control. Devices such as barrier systems control vehicles’ entry, passageway and exit and allow for various means of identification, ranging from magnetic cards to transponder cards or chip cards. Automatic Pay Stations are the systems that … Continued

Data Storage and Transportation

Data storage containers have been uniquely designed to protect valuable data during transportation.  Data cases offer protection against impact, extreme temperatures, Electro Static Discharge, particle contamination and other hazards.  These systems ensure that date is stored and kept safe in case of a disaster such as fire or flood. It is very important to keep … Continued


Alberta has become established as a leader in the maritime sector, providing design and consultancy, project management, operational diving and waterborne maintenance services.  These allow vessels to operate with maximum efficiency and with minimum disruption to schedules. Accreditation Alberta Marine promotes strict adherence to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and has attained approval from … Continued


Custom fire & security packages to suit your home or business needs

Solutions as unique as your home and business. We provide custom fire protection and fire security packages to suit your unique needs and budget. One investment. A lifetime of protection.

Our trusted Suppliers and Partners in Fire, Safety and Security

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