Building a Safer Tomorrow with Environmental, Social and Governance Integrity.

At Alberta Group, we are dedicated to building a future where our business not only succeeds but does so in harmony with the environment and society. Our ESG strategy is centred on a framework that embodies our dedication to reducing our environmental impact, promoting inclusivity and a supportive workplace, and upholding strong, transparent governance. We align our objectives, initiatives, and methods to emphasise sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance in every aspect of our operations. By integrating ESG principles at our core, we chart a course not just towards financial success, but also towards the creation of a sustainable and equitable world for all our stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognise the critical importance of protecting our environment and are dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint. Our environmental initiatives focus on providing innovative solutions that promote sustainable practices and help conserve natural resources.

Social Commitment

Alberta Group is committed to fostering a positive social impact through our operations and community engagements. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive workplace while contributing to the well-being and development of the communities we serve.

Governance Excellence

We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices. Our governance initiatives are designed to maintain operational integrity and build stakeholder trust.

Read our 2022/2023 ESG Report

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