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Press Release – Alberta Group forms part of business alliance to tackle ESG issues

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Immediate Release: 20.07.2022

Alberta Group forms part of business alliance to tackle ESG issues

Alberta Group has joined forces with another 12 of Malta’s most reputable brands and businesses to form a powerful alliance aimed at tackling Malta’s environmental, social and governance issues – starting with decarbonization.

The Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) is a private sector initiative, launched with 13 founding members from sectors including security, banking, telecommunications, transport and hospitality amongst others. However, the alliance is looking to rapidly expand, bringing in new member businesses of all sizes.

MESGA’s objective is to tackle the country’s ESG issues by enabling the various members to share insights, expertise and best practices. Although the alliance will initially focus on decarbonization, other projects will include renewable energy investments, electric transport, greener fleet management, mobility programs for employees and better design and use of building infrastructure, with a push to build near-zero emission buildings in Malta.

All activities undertaken by members will be measurable, allowing the analysis of how well objectives are being reached and targets achieved.

Perit David Xuereb, head of the alliance, explains: ‘None of these initiatives are straight-forward, but through joint commitment to take the necessary actions we believe we can begin to drive a more sustainable and healthy society. The time for ESG to stop being boardroom talk and become active solutions is now. Our alliance is here to welcome companies who share our values, who want to see tangible change and who realise the long-term business benefit of running an ESG optimized business.’

Liz Barbaro Sant, Director of Alberta, talks about her view on the critical importance of the alliance and the need to take action. ‘There’s a misconception out there in the business community, that sustainability and care for society is only the responsibility of the larger companies. The truth is that the entire business community needs to get involved, and it’s the role of the bigger businesses to lead by example, offer accessibility to ideas and practices and turn ESG into a driver for growth, with hugely positive outcomes for the greater good.

‘Alberta is a family run business. With that came all the nuances and delicate internal discussions of how to run the company successfully. But through bringing on external advisors and having a strong board of directors to steer the company forward, we’re in a position to understand the value that correctly applied ESG policies can offer. ESG demands transparency, honesty and the need to face some hard truths.

‘We manage a team of 400+ employees and a fleet of 90 vehicles. Our first step as part of this alliance is to look at our own carbon footprint and through fleet management software understand how we operate today. When you have the facts in front of you, then you can formulate an action plan to start fixing, reducing or removing aspects of your operations that are harming the environment.

She continues: ‘We don’t believe there is a difference anymore between profit and purpose. The business world needs to start being honest about where it’s going wrong, or indeed right, and what measures it’s taking to fix those issues. By adopting ESG from the onset, we’re driving positive change, future proofing businesses and ensuring there is a future to be enjoyed by all. The Alberta Group of Companies, including PT Matic and ISTC is driven by sustainability. Protecting people and businesses and preventing disaster in any form is not a value on paper to us, or a service on our website – it’s in our DNA.

‘In fact, last December we were the only non-listed company limited liability company that participated in the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise’s ESG Dashboard initiative. When collating the information for the portal we realised that we had most of the information at hand – ESG practises are truly part of our everyday operations. We have always known there is no Planet B. That’s why as a group, as a team, and as individuals we’re leading the way in making sustainable change happen,’ she added.

Alberta Group

Fast approaching its half century of operations, Alberta began its legacy with a small operation, providing fire and safety solutions to the general public. In just under 50 years the organisation has grown from strength to strength and has now expanded internationally, servicing some of the largest brands, working on the biggest events and delivering massive projects in the global arena. Alberta’s solid reputation for delivering best-in-class products and services lies in the hands of tens of thousands of satisfied personal, corporate and institutional customers. They trust Alberta to prevent and protect what matters most today and tomorrow.


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