Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers – Chrome Stands

Free standing chrome stands for fire extinguishers





Fire extinguisher stands are used where wall mounting of fire extinguishers would be unsuitable or where wall mounting could cause damage. Fire extinguisher stands help protect your fire extinguishers from the occasional knock and should a fire extinguisher be removed, the empty stand will help to point out a lack of protection. Fire extinguisher identification signs can be attached to the stand rather than the wall behind the stand ensuring if the stand is moved the compulsory identification signs will travel with the fire extinguishers.

Chrome Fire Extinguisher Stand Features

∗ Free standing
∗ Single tubular piece
∗ Lightweight construction
∗ Available in single and double
∗ Suitable for use in high spec area
∗ Supplied with J-bracket and CO2 bracket as standard
∗ Provide safe and visible storage of fire extinguishers
∗ Compliment stainless steel and aluminium fire extinguishers

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Single, Double

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