Fire Extinguishers

Foam Fire Extinguisher




  • – Foam Fire Extinguisher designed for reliable and effective fire suppression
  • – Ideal for household, office, and small commercial spaces requiring foam-based fire protection
  • – Foam-based formulation tackles fires fuelled by flammable liquids, forming a blanket to smother the flames
  • – Easy-to-use design with a simple squeeze-grip operation for hassle-free deployment
  • – Non-toxic and environmentally friendly foam leaves minimal residue and is easy to clean up
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    Wet Chemical 6 Litres Fire Extinguisher

    What is a wet chemical?
    Wet chemicals contain a specifically formulated extinguishant that reacts with oil to form a soapy substance through a process called saponification. When applied to burning liquids, the saponification process cools and emulsifies, extinguishing the flame and sealing the surface to prevent reignition.

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