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  • Includes EZVIZ A3 Home Gateway: Your central hub for a connected and protected home, seamlessly integrating with EZVIZ sensors for easy setup, instant alerts, and control via the EZVIZ App, supporting up to 64 devices
  • EZVIZ Smart Button: Control your sensor system and trigger emergency alarms with a single click, its compact, battery-powered design ensures convenience and peace of mind for your loved ones.
  • T2C Open/Close Sensor: Offering peace of mind by monitoring doors, windows, and more, it provides real-time status updates via the EZVIZ App, with instant alerts and anti-tamper alarms for enhanced security,
  • EZVIZ T1C PIR Motion Sensor: Designed for use with the EZVIZ Home Gateway A3¹, it utilizes passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect human movement, sending immediate alerts to your smartphone.
  • EZVIZ H6C – Wi-Fi Pan and Tilt Smart 2Mpixel Indoor Camera

Ensure the safety of your loved ones and property with reliable and effective fire safety tools

Invest in peace of mind and make fire preparedness a priority

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