HSBC Bank Malta PLC

Alberta provided services for the HSBC Banking Centre, the biggest infra-structural project by HSBC Malta. Alberta was entrusted with the safety and security of the premises.

The operations centre, which houses about 550 employees, required a central security control room which would meet the HSBC group standards. In addition to this, following an attempted bank robbery, Alberta also provided a single passageway system with facial and vocal recognition technology to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the vault by ‘piggybacking’ an authorized person.

Alberta was approved by the HSBC Head Office in the UK to implement a fire detection and alarm system complete with an Alarm Graphic System, various VESDA systems, aragonite systems, an automatic sprinkler system for the car park, dry riser system, a fire compartmentalisation system, CCTV system, access control and an intercom system.