Intelligent Traffic Management System

Alberta in conjunction with DMV, a world leader in this segment, has been entrusted with the installation of a nation-wide Variable Message Signs system in Malta.  The signs are part of the Intelligent Traffic Management Systems project. All signs will be controlled through a Traffic Control Centre in real time enabling Transport Malta to relay real-time traffic updates to help drivers manage their journeys.

In total Alberta installed 34 Variable Messages Signs along strategic arterial and primary roads and 48 Lane Changing Signs on tunnels and bridges.

Alberta was responsible for the overall implementation and project management together with the coordination with the various stakeholders and entities. The physical implementation consisted of all civil engineering works related with the preparation of bases, electrical ducts, erection of poles, wiring bad mounting of signs. All signs have been connected to the central control centre using wireless mobile technology.

As part of the Intelligent Traffic Management System, Alberta has been entrusted with the supply, installation, and configuration and commissioning of an Adaptive Traffic Light System. In conjunction with La Semaforica, a company of international repute in this area, 4 traffic light clusters will be installed on major arterial roads, namely Mriehel, St Andrews, Tal-Barrani and Hamrun/Pieta/Valletta. These clusters will be centrally controlled from the Transport Malta Traffic Control Centre and will adapt signalling according to the traffic needs in real time.

In total Alberta will install 16 traffic light junctions. In addition to traffic light heads and controllers, Alberta will also be installing road sensors to aid in counting, classification and statistical analysis of traffic flowing across these junctions.

Apart from the responsibility for the overall implementation and project management, Alberta will coordinate with the various stakeholders and entities to provide the physical civil infrastructure necessary to deliver these systems.

A nationwide CCTV road monitoring system is the essential element to make the deployment of an Intelligent Traffic Management System a reality. As a result, Alberta has been subcontracted by a world leader in this area, INDRA, to provide the necessary civil infrastructure to deliver the system to Transport Malta.

A total of 29 camera sites will be deployed nationwide using different types of cameras, including Fixed, PTZ and ANPR. Incident detection capabilities will also be embedded on selected cameras as well.

Alberta is actively participating with INDRA in the management and the implementation of this project. Additionally we have also been entrusted with the manufacture of the controllers. This roadside equipment will be connected over fibre to the Transport Malta Control Centre.