Mater Dei Hospital

Mater Dei Hospital is an acute general teaching hospital offering a full range of hospital and specialist services. Alberta was entrusted as subcontractor to provide Mater Dei Hospital with all the firefighting and fire alarm systems, a CCTV system, access control, intruder alarms, intercoms, panic alarms, door furniture and a master key system as well as car parking control facilities.

The fire protection system at the Mater Dei Hospital consists of 15 advanced addressable fire panels. These control over 9000 detectors, 1200 manual call points, 2300 sounders and over 700 input/output modules for interfacing with other building services. Over 100 repeater stations and 5 large graphical repeaters have also been installed at the hospital.

The fire alarm has user-friendly interactive graphics to enable immediate identification of fire, fault, or isolation of a particular input device. This is linked to 3 additional PC repeaters which have the same graphical architectural illustrations for the gate houses. An interface between the fire alarm network and the BMS has also been provided.

The firefighting systems consist of a wet riser distribution system, 20 alarm valves connected to 6000 sprinkler heads, several pre-action systems and foam systems, as well as 10 inert gas systems. The access control system consists of 110 door controllers complete with a network PC control for data logging. There is also an interactive graphical architectural layout on the PC screen, which shows the location of access control doors to show any forced intrusions.

With thousands of people entering and leaving the hospital daily, a CCTV system was essential for maintaining security in such a vast building. Apart from deterring burglary, assault and theft, CCTV systems are in place to combat anti-social behaviour, which includes littering, vandalism and misbehaviour.