Project Background:

The Grand Master’s Palace is not only an architectural masterpiece but also holds immense historical value. It was crucial to equip it with the best fire and security systems to protect its visitors, staff, and valuable artefacts. Given our proven track record in providing reliable fire and security solutions, we were the clear choice to handle this responsibility.

The Challenge:

Given the historic nature of the Grand Master’s Palace, the challenges were multi-fold:

  • Preservation: Any installation or change could not disturb the existing structure or aesthetics.
  • Coverage: With numerous halls, chambers, and corridors, complete surveillance and security coverage was essential.
  • Visitor Volume: The Palace attracts a high volume of tourists and staff, demanding efficient access control and surveillance.
  • Integration: Integrate various systems into a seamless network without compromising individual functionalities.

Our Solution:

1. Fire Alarm Systems:

To ensure the safety of the Grand Master’s Palace and its occupants, we installed sensitive smoke and heat detectors. These systems are designed to identify potential threats immediately, providing ample time for evacuation. It was also essential for us to guarantee that these alarms were both audible and non-disruptive, ensuring the Palace visitors’ experience remained undisturbed. Additionally, we committed to regular maintenance schedules and trained the Palace staff thoroughly, ensuring they can promptly recognize and address alarms.

2. CCTV:

Surveillance was a priority for the Grand Master’s Palace. We placed high-resolution cameras throughout the premises, ensuring comprehensive coverage without compromising the Palace’s aesthetic appeal. To minimize structural changes, we employed wireless technology wherever possible. Furthermore, our cameras are equipped with both night vision and motion detection capabilities for continuous monitoring.

3. Intruder Alarm Systems:

Recognizing the importance of preventing unauthorized access, we fitted the Palace with an effective intruder alarm system. This system utilizes advanced motion sensors to differentiate between regular staff movements and potential security threats, ensuring a prompt response to any unauthorized entry.

4. Access Control:

To manage the diverse footfall of the Palace, including staff, VIP guests, and general visitors, we implemented a modern access control system. Using smart card technology, this system allows for varying levels of access, ensuring that specific areas remain restricted and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

5. Hall Porter Systems:

Effective communication is key in a vast structure like the Grand Master’s Palace. We installed a centralized communication system, enabling the hall porter to liaise seamlessly with different parts of the Palace. This system is also integrated with our other security measures, ensuring a coordinated response to any security breaches or alarms.


The successful integration of fire and security solutions at the Grand Master’s Palace exemplifies our commitment to preserving heritage while ensuring the safety and security of such esteemed sites. Our approach, marked by technical expertise and sensitivity to historical contexts, showcases our ability to meet complex challenges in heritage conservation.

We are Alberta!

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