Zuetina Oil Fields

A new fire detection system was installed in the Zueitina oil fields for terminals s103a, 103d and Zella, each of which included accommodation trailers, villas, a communication room, a sports centre, a conference room, a committee building as well as a medical centre located approximately one kilometre away from the main camp area.

The project required the installation of an integrated fire safety system, including fire alarms for the above mentioned areas. Installations were completed without disruption of regular camp operations, by first completing all external conduit and connection boxes, followed by the passing and testing of cables, installation and termination of detectors, manual call points and sounders, short circuit and continuity testing and finally the connection of the cable to the main system.

The site was provided with two alarm panels. The main fire alarm panel was positioned in the Mess Hall building, controlling the whole camp, while a secondary panel, which used the Abyliss wireless communication system, linked to the rest of the system. This was positioned at the entrance point of the medical centre, since this is located further afield from the Control Centre.

Furthermore, a wireless link connected the accommodation area, Medical Centre, Control Room and the Fire Department together.